The chart shows how a market index has developed in the future based on similar market moves in the past. This is work in progress and constitutes no investment advice. Use the information at your own risk. More information below.
The black curve shows the actual index development whereas the orange curves show past history of market developments based on the matching period. You can se the number of matches, matching length as well as other parameters. You can also set past dates to see how the chart would have looked at the future then and compare that to the actual development.
  • Market: select your market index of interest
  • Date: Select the current date or a date in the past
  • Dawn: Consider past market history up to this year when looking for matches
  • History: Length of market history in days
  • Matches: Number of matches to be displayed
  • Match: Period of market development to match from the selected date and backwards
  • Forecast: Period of future development for matches to be displayed
  • MA: Mean average
  • Stdev: Standard deviation of matching cases